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  • Excel Sea Food Restaurants
  • Gateway of India
  • Haji Ali
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  • Jehangir Art Gallery
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  • Mumbai Lifeline - Mumbai Train
  • Filmistan Studio
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Why Hire a Reputed Rent A Car Company

When you hire a car for your business or personal trip, it is recommended that you do so from a reputed car rental company. To make a quick buck, many small time companies and also individuals have entered the highly lucrative, but competitive business of renting cars to individuals and corporate.

Benefits of hiring a car

As against personally driving down to a business meeting in a crowded business district, it makes sense to rent a car for the same. You are spared from the excruciating drive in bad traffic condition, and can utilise the time in preparing for the meeting or conducting your business over the phone or internet. Parking your vehicle in crowded areas of your city is a big issue, and you could waste precious time in finding the nearest parking lot and end up late for your meeting, as parking it on the road will expose your car to the risk of being towed away by the traffic police.

Juhu Beach
A driver who speaks your language

When you hire a car from a reputed car rental company, you can be assured of an extremely high service standard. For example, if you are in a country where English is not the preferred spoken language, you can get an English speaking driver who will clearly understand your instructions, without your having to resort to a language guide which will make communicating with the driver a cumbersome affair.

When your driver carries a cell phone, connectivity is assured

How many times have you faced the stressful situation of spending precious time trying to locate your car physically after your meeting? When you hire a car from a reputed car rental company, rest assured the driver will carry a cell phone. This will eliminate all connectivity issues and will ensure that the driver is at your beck and call at all times. If you have rented a car on an hourly basis, time saved will translate to money saved.

Gateway of India
Well informed drivers, transparent rates

If you have rented the car for sightseeing, there can be nothing more frustrating than a driver who has partial information about the tourist spots, things to do in the city and the traffic routes. Co-ordinating between a bulky travel guide and an ill informed driver can take the pleasure out from your trip and render it futile. Reputed car rental companies offer well informed drivers who are familiar with the routes to be taken for avoiding heavy traffic and optimize your time spent. This will maximize the time for which you have rented the car. Also, the rates offered by such a company will be absolutely transparent and clearly outline what the agreed commercials include and exclude. This reduced the probability of arguments and counter arguments after the rental period ends.

Beginning and end of the contracted hours When you rent a car for a fixed number of hours, and are calling the vehicle to your home of office, a good car rental company will offer you the flexibility of these hours starting from the time when you board the car, rather than the time the car leaves the company’s office or the time of booking.

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Written By Sajeed Nandolia