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Mumbai To Lonavala Road Trip - Essen Travels

Mumbai To Lonavala Road Trip

Situated at a distance of about 2 hours from Mumbai, the picturesque hill station town of Lonavala is a popular weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai. Every weekend, hundreds of cars head for this scenic town, with the travellers looking forward to spending moments of bliss.

Life in the fast lane

For those going to spend a few days of solitude in Lonavala, the drive from Mumbai is an experience in itself. The famous six-lane Yashwantrao Chavan Mumbai Pune Expressway is India’s first access controlled high-speed expressway. Convenient located toilets, petrol pumps and restaurants at regular intervals have made the expressway extremely popular with tourists and city folk wanting to drive down to Lonavala.

Mumbai pune
Greenery all around

Once you enter the expressway, you can feast your eyes on the lush greenery on the mountains that surround this high-speed road. The meandering turns on the ‘ghat’ or hill section will only leave you breathless, and the view from the top will want to stop and spend some moments admiring the beauty. Relief patrols are stationed at regular spots to ensure that timely help is at hand, in the unfortunate event of an accident. Like they say, prevention is better that cure, you should keep your eyes on the speedometer to ensure that you do not enter the danger zone of high speed, which will make controlling your car a big challenge.

Observe traffic discipline

While the expressway give you ample opportunity to test your driving skills, it is advisable to follow basic traffic rules so that you enjoy your drive responsibly. Always leave the first lane on the right of the road for those who want to overtake you. Stick to the second lane and maintain the prescribed speed. This will ensure that you are in control of the car and also give you an opportunity to absorb the sights along the enjoyable drive. Since two wheelers are prohibited from using the expressway, you will not encounter these sometimes troublesome riders, who zip in and out of traffic most of the times without warning.

Mumbai Lonavala
Before the hill drive, fill your stomach

Before you ascend the hill section on the expressway, it is advisable that you have a light snack at the food plaza in Khopoli, which is just after the toll plaza. A hot cup of tea will put you in the right mood, and you will thoroughly enjoy the scenic drive till Lonavala.

Mumbai Lonavala
Stop a while to enjoy the scenery, then resume

At selected stoppage points, you can also relax for a while to enjoy the scenic beauty and give your body some rest. Gently munching goodies while sipping fresh juice will let you absorb the sights and sounds, and add to the charm of the drive. When you are finished, simply start your car and resume your journey to this idyllic town. You can also pick up some fresh fruits along the way from the convenience stores that adjoin the food plaza, which will come in handy should you co-passengers feel hunger pangs in the middle of the journey.

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Written By Sajeed Nandolia