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Mumbai To Pune Road Trip

Mumbai To Pune Road Trip

One of the most exciting inter-city road trips that you can undertake in India is the drive between Mumbai and Pune on the famous multi-lane expressway that was fully operational in 2002. At an average speed 80 kilometres per hour and in average traffic conditions, you can reach Pune city in about 3 hours. Boasting of many cultural and modern tourist attractions, Pune, is a city where you can comfortably spend a couple of days enjoying the sights and sounds of the city.

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway

India’s first access controlled six-lane high-speed expressway; the Yashwantrao Chavan Mumbai Pune Expressway has considerably reduced the travel time between the two cities. This has given a massive boost to the real estate industry, among others, as individuals from Mumbai are now buying second home villas on the outskirts of Pune, at a price which would probably get them a smaller second home in Mumbai. Trade and business between the two cities have also shown a marked increase. All along the expressway, you will find petrol pumps, toilets, restaurants at regular intervals. the expressway is fully fenced from both the sides for its entire length to avoid the unintentional straying of humans or animals.

Mumbai pune
A scenic and enjoyable drive

Once the expressway begins, your drive will be enhanced with the scenic beauty of the winding curves and lush green foliage on the mountains. The sight of the approaching tunnels, the dim lights inside, and the slowly approaching exit will enhance your drive and make it memorable. With an eye on the speedometer to ensure that you do not exceed the prescribed speed limit, and some good company for casual conversation, you are assured of a safe and enjoyable journey on this popular route. In the event of your needing some emergency help, police patrols are stationed at regular distances, and they will reach you in the shortest possible time. If you happen to do the trip in the monsoon, be prepared for an overdose of greenery, as the vegetation in the mountain side turns fully green. Before you ascend the Khandala ghat, or steep climb, you can stop at the food plaza at Khopoli for a hearty breakfast and piping hot tea. You can pick up some interesting knick knacks for decorating your home or office from the numerous shops at these halting points.

Khandala and Lonavala

Along the route, you will cross two lovely hill-station towns of Khandala and Lonavala. Blessed with a cool climate and salubrious surroundings, these towns are alone worth spending a day and soaking in their natural beauty. Don’t forget to buy some tasty “chikki”, a ready-to-eat Indian sweet usually made from a mixture of jaggery and groundnuts. There some lovely tourist attractions along the mountain edges, called ‘points’, which offer a fantastic view of the valley below. At sunrise and sunset, some points give you a magnificent sight of the rising and setting sun. If you’re a lover of adventure sports, head straight for the Della Adventure Resort in Lonavala, for some breath taking bungee jumping and zorbing.

Mumbai Lonavala

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Written By Sajeed Nandolia