How to Avoid Being Pick Pocketed

Most of the tourist in Mumbai, complains about getting pick pocketed. Below, is an effort from Essen Travels, How Can avoid the trap of being pick pocketed.

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Avoid Being Pick Pocketed in Mumbai

How to Avoid Being Pick Pocketed While Travelling in Mumbai

The biggest probability any tourist to India faces in Mumbai is the fear of having his or her pocket picked. No sooner than you step out of your hotel for your sightseeing trip, chances are that an individual or group of pickpockets will start tailing you, and will strike at the right moment. Being without money in a foreign country is not exactly on your agenda of a dream vacation.

However, if you take certain basic precautions for safeguarding your money, even the most experienced pickpocket will have a hard time executing his nefarious task.

The First Precaution

The first precaution is preparing for the situation after your pocket has been picked. Shove a few 100 rupee notes in an inaccessible area of your clothing. This will ensure that, in the unfortunate event of your pocket being picked, you will have enough money to go to the nearest police station and your hotel.

Divide your money into equal instalments and distribute them across all trouser and shirt pockets. This way, even if one pocket is picked, and the hidden cash reserve is insufficient, you will still have sufficient cash on you in the other compartments.

Keep Extra Cash

Keep your extra cash in the hotel room or locker is a smart way of ensuring that you never fully run out of money. When you venture out for your sightseeing trip, only take as much money as you would need, and some extra cash for an emergency. The adage of not keeping your eggs in one basket strongly applies here.

When you take your wallet out to pay for your purchases, do not expose the entire contents of the wallet to the shopkeeper or, more importantly, his assistant. Chances are the assistant may excuse himself for a look break, and inform a pickpocket with whom he might have an understanding. Then, his friend will be hot on your trail flush with first hand information on your heavy wallet.

Dummy Wallet

You have heard of dummy stunt men in movies. How about a dummy of your wallet? Seriously, putting a cheap wallet stuffed with a few low value currency notes, and some paper to make it look bulky, in your back trouser pocket will surely tempt a pickpocket into going in for the kill. You would certainly like to see his face when he discovers that his prize catch is a slap on his face! Carry your real wallet in your front shirt pocket.

For the unavoidable alms to beggars and the frequent tips, carry small change in your top pockets, so that you do not have to remove your wallet all the time. You never know who might be a pickpocket’s informant and put him on your chase.

Final Thoughts

A final word of caution – avoid large crowds where you see a lot of jostling taking place. Let the crowd disperse and then proceed, as it is during this situation that your pocket is most likely to be picked.

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Written By Sajeed Nandolia